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The WRO-Tunisia’2014 (World Robotics Olympiad Qualifications & Tunisia National Competition) is organized by the Research Groups on Intelligent Machines (REGIM-Lab.) at the University of Sfax, the Scientific Association Sustainable Innovation @ Tunisia (SIT) and the IEEE Robotics & Automation Society (RAS) Tunisia Chapter.

WRO-Tunisia’2014 aims to qualify one team to participate in World Olympiad Robot (WRO) in its 11th edition which will take place in the Olympic city of Sochi on 21-23 November 2014. 

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WRO-Tunisia’2014 aims to bring together worldwide students, young researchers, professionals and international robotics experts to exchange ideas and share problem solving strategies pertaining to robotics. The competition aims also to promote the development of robotics in Tunisia.

WRO-Tunisia’2014 includes two tracks:

The College Category is available to students from age the of 17. There is no upper age limit – but participants have to be either High School or college/university undergraduate students.
High School (Space Station) Regular Category operates with three age categories: Elementary, Junior High and High School. Each age category will compete using individually designed challenges to ensure age appropriateness in terms of difficulty.
 The controller, motors and sensors used to assemble robots must be from LEGO® MINDSTORMS ™ sets (RCX, NXT or EV3) and the HiTechnic Color Sensor. Other LEGO branded elements may be used to construct the remaining parts of the robot

Age group definitions

Here are the Age Group Definitions for 2014.

  1. Elementary (Primary) School Age: Participants <13 years old in the year of competition.
  2. Junior High (Middle) School Age:Participants <16 years old, but ≥ 13 years old in the year of competition.
  3. High (Secondary) School Age: Participants <20 years old, but ≥ 16 years old in the year of competition.
  4. WRO GEN II Football: Participants <20 years old, but ≥ 10 years old in the year of competition
  5. College Categories: ≥ 17 years old in the year of the competition


  • It is strictly enforced that students cannot be older than specified in the Age Group Definition and will not be allowed to participate in the International Final.
  • Students younger than the age group definition have to obtain permission from the Host Country for participation in the international final and may only be approved if at least one other team member has the correct age.
  • If all members of a team are younger than required, then team must participate in the corresponding competition
  • Participants are not confined to school‐going students. Anyone can participate in the corresponding age groups except for participants in the College Regular Category who MUST be either High School or undergraduate students
  • College and university students may participate if the individual students fit into the HS age group bracket!

College and university students may participate in High School competitions if their age matches the age group definition.